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Welcome to EPICUREAN TOURS Inc, proudly celebrating our 34th year!  We are located in Long Beach - Long Island, and have been offering fun filled exciting SPRING BREAK Trips for 3 decades. Enclosed is our FREE TRIP program for those looking to Sell Trips on Campus.  For those just looking to travel with a group of your friends, you may want to skip to the bottom and view the Commission Schedule.
(this offer is not available for Villas in Jamaica, Puerto Plata, Punta Cana and Acapulco.  Villas are limited, and rates are final)

Most of our destinations will include Welcome Party's, Happy Hours, discount coupons to local attractions, Private and Exclusive VIP Party's, Free Admission to Night Clubs, daily party schedule and MORE!   Our professional staff of agents, will assist you throughout the process to ensure you and your group get the SPRING BREAK you want.
  spring break 2010 beach.bmpSpring Break Cancun Mariott Beach ResortSpring Break Acapulco Fairmont ResortSpring Break in CancunSpring Break Los Cabo Dreams Resort
Earn a FREE Trip PLUS Cash!!!
EPICUREAN TOURS has one of the most amazing group programs available to its students, who can earn cash on top of a Free Trip!   The more people you bring us, the BIGGER our reward to you.  Your earning potential is unlimited - you set your own goals and you decide how much you want to earn. No specific time is required of you. You can make your own hours and invest as much time as you can give.
How Much Can You Earn?
EPICUREAN TOURS offers a large choice of destinations.  From your typical trips to the Caribbean and Mexico... to Vegas, Florida, Europe and Cruises.  We have what you are looking for!   The vast amount of destinations we offer, helps you to sell more trips and make more money!!
As our Rep on campus, we simply look to you to advertise our program throughout school.  You will receive flyers to circulate in the dorms, student center, library, Class rooms, Frats, Sororities, local restaurants, bars, etc.  The more exposure you provide, the more sales will be generated.  And you can be as creative as you want....such as hanging banners, placing an ad in the school paper, or passing out fliers at a table in the student center.
The more students that see your flyers, the more trips you will sell.  Your name will appear on our website under the booking engine, where you will be able to view your sales 24/7 from your personal account.
You may already have enough people with your immediate group of friends.  Remember, youre not really selling anything, since most students are already looking to travel on SPRING BREAK.
Below is our Commission Structure. If you want to get involved with selling SPRING BREAK, simply CLICK on the link below and we'll get you set up immediately!!
If you would like to advertise at more then 1 School,
please list them on the application, or call us directly.



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Epicurean Tours
Commission Schedule for Group Leaders

Trips Sold





$20 per trip

 or $500 Cash.

$25 per trip

plus $800 Cash

$30 per trip

$35 per trip

 You must sell 20 trips to be eligible for commission. Only trips 4 nights or more are commissionable.

1.  Your 1st FREE Trip  comes with the 16th person via charter flights  (see #3 below). 

(If you don't want to travel, you'll  receive a check for $500 in place of Free Trip. Taxes with Hotel, Cruise and Air are not included with Free Trip. Free Cruise Trip is based on 8 double cabins)

2.  When you reach the next level, your commission will be retroactive for all sales & Benefits.

3. *Commission schedule is based on 7 night international charter packages only. Domestic commissions are a flat $10 per trip sold, with Free Trip starting at 35th person. Scheduled air & Hotel Only packages provide Free Trip at the 28th person.

4. Certain destinations may have restrictions with the VIP treatment and  private party,  please ask.

More Rep Rewards then any
other company!

*Sell 85 trips or More... and receive a Free Platinum Party Package & VIP Status on Site!!

*Sell 125 trips or more...And be  eligible for a Private Party for your  entire group along with FREE Platinum Party Package and VIP Status on Site!

We may also have more Rep Rewards available as your travel date gets closer!
*certain limitations apply, please ask for
details on your specific group. These bonus features are not available with Domestic travel.

*commission schedule is based on a profit sharing percentage of your group traveling. If any group member cancels, is not paid in full, if there is any dispute or refund due to group or any member(s) of the group, the commission will be reduced by the percentage of reduced profit...regardless of who is at fault. Taxes are not included with Free Trips.

If you have questions at anytime, or need further assistance,
simply contact us via e mail at, or at 1-516-889-0101.

We look forward to working with you!

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