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Travel Gift Certificates

A great gift for anyone and everyone spring break 2010 cancun beach girls.jpg

Birthdays, Anniversarys, Graduations,
Holidays, Promotional Events, etc.

Don't have time to go shopping, or want to deal with the stress
of driving, parking and searching for a gift they might not like anyway. 
Then try one of our personalized Gift Certificates.

Everyone loves to travel, and they will love you for helping them go on Vacation!!!
Choose from $10, $20, $25, $50 and $100 Gift Certificates, good towards any trip with
Epicurean Tours.   

Good with both our Websites at  for all your Year Round Vacations,
OR for Student Travel packages.

NO expiration date, certificates are good for life.   
Payment can be by check, money order or credit card.

Call today and we can have them emailed to you immediately! 
For further information or to purchase your Travel Gift Certificates
contact us via e mail at  or   at  516-889-0101 / 1-800-231-4-FUN.

We look forward to hearing from you,
and wish you a great Celebration.