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Spring Break 2019 in Montego Bay, Jamaica spring break 2010 spring break 2010 acapulco.jpglogo.png

in Jamaica
Whether is Montego Bay, or Negril, no other Caribbean island offers as much splendor and diversity as Jamaica. Sugar-white beaches combine with shimmering waters to sooth your soul.  Explore a rich island culture that expresses itself in superb cuisine, scintillating nightlife, and the sensual beat of reggae music, among some of the most beautiful Resorts in the Caribbean.  

Jamaica is large enough to provide for every taste.  From the world-famous beaches of Ocho Rios and Montego Bay to the toe-twinkling seven-mile stretch in Negril, to uncharted nooks where romantics can hide away, Jamaica is a paradise for everyone.

During SPRING BREAK the island becomes the most alive, with students traveling from all over the U.S. to meet with others for daily beach parties, concerts, activities and entertainment.  The bars and clubs are open all night long, and the beaches are filled all day.  

The official language of Jamaica is English.  However, the locals tend to speak a mixed dialect of English, Spanish and various languages.  

Jamaica's average annual temperature is 80°F / 27°C. The average yearly temperature range is between 78°F and 85°F. Extreme temperatures range from a low of 65°F to a high of 95°F. spring break spring break spring break dreams.jpglogo.png

Montego Bay, Jamaica Maps

Montego Bay, Jamaica Spring Break Packages

checkbox.gif  Round Trip Air, unless you purchase hotel only.
checkbox.gif  Round Trip Airport to Hotel Transfers         (we greet you at the airport & take you to your hotel)
checkbox.gif  Hotel Accommodations
checkbox.gif  Hotel, Airline and Departure Taxes
checkbox.gif  All Inclusive Hotels will include Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks and Unlimited drinks at the Property.
checkbox.gif  For those who DO NOT purchase an All Inclusive Hotel, we have a Student Meal plan consisting of...
      Daily Breakfast & Dinners                         (At the local restaurants in town)
checkbox.gif  Pre-Game Parties with FREE DRINKS.   (VIP Party Passes available for additional purchase)
checkbox.gif  Daily Pool Parties and Beach Activities.
checkbox.gif  Professional On Site Staff available for 24 Hour assistance.
checkbox.gif  Discounts on Side Excursions, Watersports and local attractions.

*Spring Break CHARTER Flights are for 7 Nights and can depart Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  We do offer scheduled flights where you can pick the DAY and TIMES you want, but prices may be higher.  Hotel ONLY purchases do NOT include any free promotions.  Please be familiar with our terms and conditions, and contact us with any questions.

Montego Bay, Jamaica VIP Parties

JAMAICA, the island where nothing is a problem mon. Grab a Red Stripe, and party Day and Night!  From Margaritaville to Groovy Grouper, you'll find plenty of Entertainment at the Bars and Clubs here...but during SPRING BREAK, cover charges and drinks can get expensive.  We've put together helpful money saving events to keep the cash in your pocket, and not theirs!

Includes the following Attractions:

TABOO: Join in the Party from 11pm to 2am with 3 hours of Free Drinks.

MOODS NIGHT CLUB: 11pm to 2am. 

MARGARITAVILLE: from 10pm to 2am join the Mardi Gras Party with contests & prizes.  

BRICK HOUSE NIGHT CLUB: Reggae Band, Contests and prizes.

MUSIQ Bar & Lounge 

GET $100 GIFT CERTIFICATE Off your room on a future Spring Break trip.

Please keep in mind, we will be trying to improve our party schedule as the year progresses.  The schedule above represents the parties expected for 2019, but may change per our discretion.

Montego Bay, Jamaica Meal Plans

MONTEGO BAY JAMAICA does not offer a Student Meal Plan,
since most Hotels are All Inclusive.

All you can eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks
and unlimited drinks are already included with the package.
Beer, Wine, Alcohol, Frozen Drinks & Sodas