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Spring Break 2019 in Puerto Plata, DR 2nd Airport spring break 2010 acapulco.jpglogo.png

in Puerto Plata
2nd Choice Airport:  offers lower prices for those traveling from the North East by $100 - $150 per person, but the transfer ride from the airport is about 1 hour longer then those flying directly into Puerto Plata airport

The beautiful resort city of Puerto Plata is popular with travelers seeking an inexpensive vacation in a beautiful location. Great golf courses, excellent windsurfing, historic sites, lively beaches and popular nightlife, make this destination unforgettable.

Occupying the North Eastern portion of the lush island, the Dominican Republic vacation offers a vibrant travel destination whose endless charms bring the island’s admirers back to vacation time and again.  The flawless beaches and sparkling cobalt waters of the Dominican Republic are nature’s gift to visitors on vacation.

As SPRING BREAK becomes more popular on the island, students are finding the single lifestyle more prevelant in Puerto Plata, which offers a diverse nightlife, fabulous daily beach activites and entertainment, all at reasonable prices.  Cabarete has been voted by ETI as the #1 party location in the DR.

TEMPERATURE:  The average daytime temperature is 83 degrees F, with August being the warmest month and December the coolest. Summer temperatures range from 89-95°F, winter from 75-90°F. spring break spring break spring break dreams.jpglogo.png

Puerto Plata, DR 2nd Airport Maps

Puerto Plata, DR 2nd Airport Spring Break Packages

- Round Trip Air, unless you purchase hotel only.
- Round Trip Airport to Hotel Transfers         (we meet you at the airport & take you to your hotel)
- Hotel Accommodations
- Hotel, Airline and Departure Taxes
- All Hotels and Resorts in the D.R. are All Inclusive  with Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks and Unlimited drinks at the Property included.
- Pre-Game Parties with FREE DRINKS. 
- Daily Pool Parties and Beach Activities.
- Professional On Site Staff available for 24 Hour assistance.
- Discounts on Side Excursions, Watersports and local attractions.

Please be familiar with our terms and conditions, and contact us with any questions.

Puerto Plata, DR 2nd Airport VIP Parties

PUERTO PLATA does not offer a Student VIP Night Club Program,
since most of the bars and clubs do NOT charge admission.

Puerto Plata, DR 2nd Airport Meal Plans

PUERTO PLATA does not offer a Student Meal Plan,
since all the Hotels are All Inclusive.

All you can eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks
and unlimited drinks are already included with the package.
Beer, Wine, Alcohol, Frozen Drinks & Sodas